Represents an NPC with which a Player can hold a Conversation.


package: constructs




Creates a new NPC with default name, description and a default Conversation.

NPC(String name)

Creates a new NPC with the given name and default description and Conversation.

NPC(String name, String description)

Create a new NPC with the given name and description. Creates a default Conversation for this NPC.

NPC(String name, Conversation c)

Create a new NPC with the name name with a Conversation c while keeping the NPC’s description default.


Conversation getConversation()

Return this NPC’s Conversation object.

void setConversation(Conversation c)

Sets this NPC’s Conversation to c

void addConversationOption(Conversation opt)

Add a Conversation option to this NPC’s conversation.

Also recursively calls setOwner() on the conversation option opt

void startConversation()

Start this NPC’s Conversation.